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Eco System

Apnacast was created with the intention of bringing together traditional and digital assets in the social media industry. It shows that our community and supporters actively collaborate with us to build our platform, participate in its management, and benefit from its operations.

Android Device App

APNACAST will launch in android device, hence android user base worldwide maximum users so our best effort to provide our platform services for best user experience.

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iPad device App

Many working proffessionals use iPad for thier digital screen entertainment or for work hence we are also developing iPad device version for our users.

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Tablet Device App

People like big screens to explore so we will be also have tablet android version application for our tablet device user and we will keep improving this version.

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Apnacast Web Browser

As maximum number of users are habitual of web brower version of applications and while working then user web version according to thier need hence we are also developing it.

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mac OS version

Mac OS version of APNACAST, for this we are developing and we will launch after android,ios versions for our users. We want to provide all version of our appliation for ours users.

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iOS Device App

APNACAST will also go with iOS version for ios moblile users to experience our services and our all upcoming version will be iOS mobile phone supportive.

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Window OS version

We have also plan for dedicated window OS version application for PCs and we are developing but we will launch it after android,ios versions for our users.

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