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Apnacast features

A Human interactions ( for example, discussing ideas ) and value exchanges ( for example, purchase of goods and services ) come in handy with social activities. As social spaces are no longer limited by space or time, the Internet has made our social interactions more rich and efficient. In the past few years, social networks have established themselves at the heart of the Internet: they have become a gathering place for user traffic, a place to exchange information, and a place to exchange assets and assets. Almost all applications depend on social network development. Due to the explosion of Internet socialization, a huge amount of social data was produced, and this has created a huge amount of value.

User – generated content and interactivity are the hallmarks of social media. Social media have become an essential part of day-to-day life in the modern world. As well as accessing news and information, social media is commonly used for social interaction and decision-making. As well as a tool for communicating with others locally and internationally, it is also a way to create, share, and spread information. Through reviews, marketing tactics, and advertising, social media can influence consumers’ purchase decisions. It is important to note that social media has majorly helped in impacting our communication abilities and we can form new effective relations too.

As a result of their social activities, people generate intangible assets called social assets and relationships with others. Identity, status, connections, and reputation are all social assets. It is one’s own abilities and social networks that determine one’s social assets.

People complete their asset transactions primarily through social networking sites. Thus, social assets are capable of transforming into personal wealth and various tangible assets. In order to live a fulfilling life, we must maintain and develop these resources.

From the beginning, you can find centralized social networks all around us. The one – to – one connection was our priority since the first USENET group, Friendster, MySpace & Facebook came into existence. The end of centralization took around 2500 years in our governance system. As soon as democracy took birth in Athens, it completely re – shaped humanity. Now comes the moment when centralization is ending and is changing the way we interact with each other.
Apnacast serves our community to make social interactions with crypto rewards. It is developed on blockchain technology so that it unlocks the opportunity for better community interaction. Our primary purpose in building this social platform was to combine the concept of social media’s latest developments in the crypto & blockchain world. Our platform enables you to make end – to – end communication, share photos & videos safely, make payments, and share creative content with each other.

To elaborate, Apnacast crypto is a social community – based platform where influencers and users get a chance to gather in one place. It will allow plenty of audiences to communicate mutually in an intrusive environment. Through this social media platform, the users open a window of opportunity for themselves as they can communicate with one another, disseminate information and devour content, along with posting their own unique content on the internet.

Billions of people across the globe utilize social media sites to remain in contact with each other which also helps with knowledge sharing. Moreover, the shareholders using this social media community-based platform will grant access to resources that would assist them in learning and experiencing something new, progress in the areas where they are already endeavoring, along with having fun when this happens.

You cannot exaggerate the potential of social media as it can be substituted with growth platforms. Consequently, all the industry firms can interact with their intended clientele in a superior way. You can observe a growth in the number of people utilizing social networking sites as well. Every month, there are approximately 4.70 billion people utilizing social media.

With the launch of the Apnacast platform, We have tried to resolve the issues that the mainstream, centralized social media were lacking: Refer to the following featured pointers of the Apna Cast platform that were deficient in other social networking platforms.

  • The platform decides the content’s worth. I.e. fake IDs & fake followers/ likes are not entertained on this platform.
  • High-quality content is given complete value and has far better reach. o The platform value is subject to the users.
  • 100% reliability is guaranteed with the use of blockchain technology at a reduced expenditure than ever before.
  • Reward your community with APNA tokens.
  • Administer the rights of photos/videos
  • Decentralization in the photos/videos i.e. your content is your own.
  • Develop a broad community around & share useful content with each other. o It is important to reward the community for valuable content by offering fair rewards.

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